Comments on the Rachel Corrie Tribute


I will be dividing this page into several sections: positive comments, negative comments, mixed comments, and a special section for comments from friends, family and acquaintances. Nasty, hate-filled comments with sick jokes or stupid poems about Rachel WILL – if received – be published, but on a separate page, so as not to upset the rest of you. Visit this page at your peril!


Comments from friends, family and acquaintances

You have been warned, so take these comments with a pinch of salt…


I quickly visited your site. I read the open letter to Rachel’s parents. Your sentiments are lovely, my friend. We are the 
wind, heh, and we touch each other’s lives in so many many ways. SOME so very beautiful, powerful and freeing for 
many more of us than self.
With love JIMMY.
Thanks for being YOU.
Dear Jimmy,
  Wow, what a surprise! Brilliant!
  Well done well done WELL DONE !
  For anyone to write as you do, is amazing!
   Reading this brought tears to my eyes.
   I salute you!!
   Respect, respect, respect!


Dear Jimmy,

I read most of your poems and will read the rest when [my] college student [children] are through with their semester on May 1st. I really appreciate your concern and sensitivity about the tragedy of Rachel Corrie's death (by murder). Your poems showed great perception that most people here [in the U.S.A.] do not have. Most people do not go beyond (in their thinking) what they hear on the main-line media. We learned of this event through American Free Press (formally The Spotlight). I will look through our issues and if I find the articles about Rachel Corrie I will send you them.

    We are grieved over the injustice shown to the Palestinians by the governments of Israel and U.S.A. Many in the Church here are duped into thinking that Israel can do no wrong and they blindly support Israel because they fear that this nation will not be blessed if we do not. It does not make sense to me to support wicked leaders. I petition the Lord to remove them from office. We have met and have supported a couple, financially, who have an orphanage in Hebron for Palestinians. They are in the process of building a very nice housing and education complex. When they come to America to raise more funds the man feels limited in what he can say about the middle-east conflict. He has indicated that this nation's media does not portray a true picture of what actually is going on over there. I could tell by his sad expressions that he did not like the way even the "church" saw things.